How to Communicate With AFR

January 19, 2016

When you become a lending partner with AFR, you expand your team to include a group of mortgage professionals who are knowledgeable, friendly, and available to help make sure every loan is a success.

Be sure to make use of this asset you have at your disposal. We are here to save you time, help you close more loans, and keep the process running smoothly.

Here are a few ways you can communicate with our team:

Use the Scenario Desk
Have your scenario reviewed by a product expert to learn which programs are the best fit. Ask any questions about guidelines, forms, the process, or anything else that you have concerns about or don’t fully understand.

To reach the scenario desk you can:

  1. Call 888-664-2101. Please be prepared with all the information you have on the client, property, and financing type when you call.
  2. Email When sending emails please use the following format:Subject line:   Financing Type (FHA, USDA, VA, FNMA, Jumbo)
    Email body:

    • Client Name
    • AE
    • Property Type
    • Program (if known)
    • Borrower(s)’ Last Name
    • Your Question

Contact Your Support Team
Each lending partner is assigned to a team, the Red Team, White Team, or Blue Team. Rather than having a specific individual to reach out to, who may be unavailable or addressing another issue when you need them, having an entire team at your disposal means you can count on support when you need it.

Get in touch by phone, email, or live chat with any questions relating to files currently in process. Find the contact information for your team here:

Tech Support, Closing Support, and More
Have questions about uploading conditions, funding a loan, or a lock issue? Visit our Online Directory for specific contact information (most have phone, email, and live chat contact options available) for the department you need. We are ready to help and look forward to working with you!

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