How To Expedite the Loan Process with AFR

January 14, 2016

We want your experience and that of your borrowers to be excellent and hassle free from start to finish. We pride ourselves on combining the latest technology with people who are the best in the business to deliver outstanding products and pricing. Wondering how you can move your loans quickly to the closing table? Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Participate in a welcome call

When you first sign up with AFR, we will schedule a welcome call to introduce you to your team, let you know where to find helpful resources, and walk you through our systems and procedures. Extremely valuable information is provided on this call, and it can go a long way towards setting the relationship up for success. Weren’t available for a welcome call when you first signed up? Talk to your Account Executive about scheduling one now!


Most questions can be answered on our website, Here you can find information on becoming a partner, details on our different wholesale lending options, program guidelines, forms, checklists, answers to frequently asked questions, procedures and how-to documents, and much, much more. Not sure where to find what you’re looking for? Reach out to us via the live chat feature and we’d be happy to point you in the right direction.

Reach out to our team

That brings us to our biggest asset at AFR, our people. We work in a team environment and you will be provided with a toll free phone number, an email address, and access to live chat which are all manned by a manager of your team. This means you always have an easy avenue to escalate issues or get questions answered by a manager. Remember, we are here to help, and want every loan to move smoothly through our system!

Use our checklists

One of the most helpful documents you’ll find on is a checklist for each loan type. Using this checklist at submission and ensuring that each item is complete and accounted for greatly increases the odds that that loan will be clean and move through the process quickly. This helps us all deliver great service to your borrowers and gets you on to your next loan!

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