There’s More To What We Do Than Mortgages

AFR does more, so you can earn more.

Imagine being able to build a stronger book of business than ever before, while at the same time working more efficiently. It’s possible, thanks to a suite of services that we’ve developed based on our 20 years of experience serving as a trusted lender.

These services are available to our partners at no additional cost — find out more below.

AFR Loan Center

AFR Loan Center, our Loan Origination Portal, allows you to efficiently manage your pipeline with ease. Built in-house from the ground up, we’ve designed our portal to be secure, efficient, and easy to navigate.

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MyLoanCenter® is the borrower portal designed to streamline communication with your customers, making it easy for them to track the status of their loans and view required actions.

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Data Sync

Seamless integration of your own borrower portal with AFR’s Lending Origination Portal allows you to manage your pipeline effectively and streamline borrower communications in one convenient location.

Renovation Portal

No more hassling with paper checks. Fulfill transactions with easy ACH payments and get insight into draws and escrow. The Renovation portal provides the transparency you need to help you confidently manage your loans.

Alexa Integration

Manage your pipeline hands-free! Our AFR Loan Center technology is now integrated with Amazon’s Alexa to help you complete a variety of tasks without lifting a finger:

  • Request follow-ups with AFR staff
  • Set and check loan statuses
  • Check expiring locks
  • Find closing loan numbers

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On-Demand Processing

Your sales pipeline is flowing, but processing loans can take up A LOT of your time. In addition to underwriting, funding, and closing your loans, AFR can also process your loans for you! AND, it’s on a loan-by-loan basis, so we process only the loans you choose. So you can spend your time acquiring new business for your company instead of processing loans.

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AFR empowers you to be prepared and confident in your day-to-day operations. We provide our partners with resources like product webinars, whitepapers on specialized loan topics, and a staff of experienced industry professionals ready to answer any question you might have.

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Marketing Materials

To help you put forward the most professional image possible, AFR has developed a range of white-labeled marketing materials tailored to borrowers as well as your realtor partners. Every element has been professionally written and designed to help you build your brand as well as your book of business.

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