About Our Technology

Technology has become the forefront of successful business operations for every company. Keeping in stride with this fast-paced environment, AFR offers the latest technology platforms for our partners to use when working between their lender and their borrower. Conduct business from anywhere, on any device, with ease and efficiency.

AFR Loan Center

AFR Loan Center, our Loan Origination Portal, allows you to efficiently manage your pipeline with ease. Built in-house from the ground up, we’ve designed our portal to be secure, efficient, and easy to navigate.

The Features You'll Love

Loan Management

Upload documents and access your pipeline in real-time, anywhere, on any device.

Flexible Permissions

Create and manage teams, user roles, branch levels, and channels.

Loan Feeds

Monitor loan activity with notifications and real-time loan feeds.

Admin Controls

Highly customizable settings allow you to virtually represent your business.

Lending Origination Portal

Consolidate wholesale and correspondent business all in one portal.

Pipeline Management

Getting quick prices, registering new loans, and ordering appraisals has never been easier.