5 ways partnering with AFR will help you go far

July 24, 2019

We love to remind our clients that their success is our success, but even more so, we prefer to show them. Not only do our specialized loans help clients tap into new markets, but a partnership with us means a lot more than that. With the busy season in full bloom, don’t miss out on the ability to close more loans with the added support and resources you get working with us.

Here are 5 ways partnering with AFR makes your job easier… and more profitable. 

1. Streamline Your Process in MyLoanCenter
MyLoanCenter is just one of the awesome technologies we provide clients to help streamline their process. Communication with your customers is seamless, from collecting documents and sharing loan updates, to assigning activities, all within the portal and all customized with your logo and brand colors. Your borrowers will love how easy it is to capture and share important documents via mobile camera. It makes the process more manageable for them to keep things moving with real-time notifications and progress updates from any device. Plus, your realtors benefit with transparency into the loan process.

2. Enjoy Access to Unlimited Marketing Tools
AFR understands the importance of marketing to gain new business, retain existing business and build your reputation. We also know how valuable your time is. Which is why AFR gives our partners access to a variety of white-label marketing materials, customizable to your brand. Download or print flyers to send to new clients, share new information with current customers, or use them as learning materials for your employees.

3. Get Educated… on Your Time
Want to learn about more about One-Time Close loans? Or how you can leverage renovation mortgages? Instead of scouring the Internet for answers to these and other questions, we’ve done the work for you, putting everything you need into a full suite of educational resources available to you anytime. From training webinars and videos to white papers, ebooks, and this helpful blog, AFR offers continuous education to help you stay on top of the mortgage game. Our materials also help you better understand and market our specialized loans so you can become an expert on all your buyers’ financing needs. And with our AFR University Online Testing Portal, you can get AFR certified to measure how much you’ve learned, and earn a Certificate of Achievement to better demonstrate your expertise to your buyers.

4. Smoother Pipeline Management with AFR Loan Center
Our Loan Origination Portal makes managing your pipeline so much simpler. How? Through customizable permissions, real-time loan feeds, and 24-hour access from all devices, so you can access your pipeline anytime, anywhere. With our AFR Loan Portal, getting prices, registering new loans, and ordering appraisals is easier and more efficient through seamless integration of your own borrowing portal. We’ve built our portal in-house from the ground up to ensure it’s secure and easy to navigate, so you feel confident in your loan activity. You can upload your documents, view loan metrics and performance indicators, and manage your teams all in one place, while enjoying support from the AFR team.

5. Complete Support with On-Demand Processing
Ever feel like you could close more loans if you didn’t have to spend so much time dealing with extensive underwriting conditions and client communications? Our On-Demand Processing takes care of those tasks for you, so you can focus on building your customer base and closing more loans. Our team acts as an extension of your staff to handle every step, from processing and underwriting, to closing and funding loans, allowing you to offer your clients better service and faster turn times. And it’s all available to you just because you’re our partner.

The busy season is full of opportunity so now is the time to discover how AFR can help you take advantage of the market and close more loans with our unrivaled support and resources. If you’re interested in becoming an AFR partner, contact us to learn more today.

Photography by [Sushiman] © Shutterstock.com