The Many Benefits of AFR’s Complimentary On-Demand Processing Service

December 31, 2018

Do you feel like you could close more loans if you didn’t have to spend so much time dealing with multiple underwriting conditions or extensive client communications? Have you ever wished there was someone who could handle that part of the process for you so you could focus on delivering more loans and building new realtor and client relationships? Well, you may be surprised to learn this resource actually does exist — at no added cost to you — when you partner with AFR.

With On-Demand Processing, American Financial Resources helps brokers eliminate time-consuming issues throughout the processing, underwriting, closing, and funding of loans by handling every step. And there’s no supplemental fee for this helpful resource. Sounds almost too good to be true, right? We sat down with Scott Greenlaw, President/Sr. Loan Officer at eBuilt Home Loans and a broker partner of AFR, to hear about his experiences and get a broker’s perspective on what our partners can expect with On-Demand Processing.

“From the time the file is submitted through the underwriting process and conditions to final close, the efficiency and communication is amazing,” Scott shared. “Tough underwriting conditions get taken care of quickly and any issues that come up which can confuse the loan process are completely eradicated by this system.”

Discovering On-Demand Processing by AFR

Scott was initially introduced to On-Demand Processing by his AFR Account Executive, who shared new systems in development to better serve clients throughout the loan process. “On-Demand Processing sounded like a great opportunity to get better service and faster return times, so we decided to give it a try.”

With a hardworking in-house staff already handling processing, Scott initially chose to service only selected loans through our On-Demand Processing — to augment his personnel as well as a test of the teams’ collaboration. They quickly realized how much faster the review process had become and how fewer conditions arose compared to their previous system.  “The turnaround time was within 24 hours and the communication was amazing. Now every single one of our loans goes through the On-Demand Processing system because of the increased  throughput speed.”

Adding Up the Benefits of On-Demand Processing

When asked what the biggest benefit of using On-Demand Processing is, Scott was quick to share more than one. “I’ll give you the top five,” he said. “1. Fast return times, 2. Fewer conditions, 3. Quick decision-making, 4. A streamlined closing system from start to finish,  and 5. Great communication the whole way through.”

What stood out most to his staff, however, was how the two teams worked together as a true partnership. “It’s really like we are a branch of AFR,” Scott said. “Our clients will have a main contact with us to help define a clear client-lender relationship, so we’ll discuss the documents they need, and then our back office works with our AFR team through the lender communication portals to get all the necessary information. Everything flows so beautifully.” Scott also pointed out the benefit of having access to AFR upper management at any time. “We just truly feel like we’re part of AFR’s team.”

Advice for Fellow Brokers
So what’s his advice for other brokers? “You HAVE to try it. Don’t deny yourself the opportunity to focus on closing more loans. This is really what separates AFR from all other lenders we use.”

On-Demand Processing has really been a great opportunity for AFR and our broker partners as we make the loan process faster and easier, so we can serve more homeowners and promote a positive experience for everyone involved. We’re thrilled to hear from partners like Scott who chose to take advantage of the benefits this system provides.

“100% of our purchase business goes through AFR,” Scott concluded, “because we just know we are going to close every time.”

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