On-Demand Processing FAQ’s: There’s Really No Cost? What is the Benefit to AFR?

April 5, 2016

There is currently no added cost for the On-Demand Processing option. With On-Demand Processing, American Financial Resources will handle the processing, underwriting, closing, and funding of the loans. Our partners are often surprised to learn that there is no supplemental fee involved, but this is not one of those “two good to be true” scenarios. We are thrilled to be able to provide this option and it works out well for both our clients and AFR.

Increased Volume
For us, it’s a great way to help our partners deliver more loans, keeping our pipeline full, and allowing us to serve more homeowners. Ensuring the process is easy and pleasant for our partners, their borrowers, and everyone else involved in the transaction is the best way to promote a positive experience and drive growth.

Just like you and your borrowers, we want loans to move through the system quickly. Efficiency makes everyone happy; no one enjoys snags, hang ups, or delays. We want to provide the simplest lending experience for our lending partners and their borrowers and sometimes the best way to make that happen is by handling some aspects of the process ourselves. When we process and underwrite the loan we know exactly what we’re requesting from the borrower and how those conditions can be most easily met. There is no risk of a breakdown in communication or misunderstanding as can happen sometimes when different terms are used or the customer isn’t 100% sure what we’re asking for.

Expand Program Offerings
When we introduce a new loan program to the marketplace it can sometimes take time for them to gain traction. It is understandable that loan officers are often initially hesitant to try a new product. They worry it will take time to learn the specifics of the new loan and that productivity on their teams will suffer in the short term. They may be concerned they won’t be able to deliver the level of service they are known for the first few tries at a new product. On-Demand Processing takes these concerns off the table and allows us to ramp up new programs much more quickly than would be otherwise possible.

This streamlined workflow provides a more simple lending process, quicker turn times, and ultimately a happier, more profitable partnership between us and our clients.

Learn More About On-Demand Processing
For more information on the On-Demand Processing enhancement for Broker partners, download our FREE White Paper, On-Demand Processing 101!

Photography by [Galina Peshkova] © 123RF.com

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