What is a Renovation Loan?

September 1, 2017

We all have our own dreams of different projects that we’d love to do around our homes or potential home to make it into our dream house, but unfortunately it takes some extra funds to be able to do so. Well, if you have been searching for your new forever home that you think could be turned into the home of your dreams with just some TLC, eLend offers renovation loans to help you out.

Renovation loans are offered for buyers who have found a home they’d like to purchase that needs a bit of work. These loans are for both purchasing the home and renovations so you don’t have to worry about looking into multiple loans at once. In addition, they offer low mortgage rates and down payment requirements and can be refinanced down the line.

Improvements such as updating cabinetry, bathrooms or kitchens are covered under these loans along with several other repairs that your home may need. To learn more about renovation loans check out our site here or call and speak to a representative at (800) 634 – 8616.

Photography by [Breadmaker] © 123rf.com

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