Tips For Getting Through the Busiest Months

May 13, 2016

Rates are falling, the spring home buying season is heating up, the phone won’t stop ringing, and you’re not sure how to keep up. You never want to turn away a client, let service slip, or increase turn times, but it’s impossible to do it all! Or is it…

Hiring isn’t the answer. By the time a few great employees are found, interviewed, hired, and trained rates may very well have inched back up, kids are headed back to school, and you’re hitting the holiday lull.

We have the answer. Here are a few ways AFR Wholesale can provide assistance, letting you breeze through those busy months:

On-Demand Processing
On-Demand Processing is the broker channel enhancement where we handle the processing, underwriting, closing, and funding of your loans. We’ll even work directly with your borrowers to satisfy any conditions.

You choose which parts of the process you want us to handle, and which you’d prefer to keep in house. You can make these choices on a loan by loan basis depending how much help you need in each department throughout the month.

Make use of eSign and eConsent.
Use eSign and eConsent to increase efficiency and shorten the loan process. Documents can be delivered in seconds rather than days and eliminate the need to factor mailing time into mandated waiting periods.

The Scenario Desk

Wasting time figuring out how whether your borrower qualifies for a particular program, or whether your form is correctly executed?

Have your scenario reviewed by one of our experts. Ask any questions about guidelines, forms, the process, or anything else that you have concerns about or don’t fully understand. To reach the scenario desk you can:

1. Call 888-664-2101. Please be prepared with all of the information you have on the client, property and financing type when you call.

2. Email When Sending emails please use the following format:

Subject Line: Financing Type (FHA, USDA, VA, FNMA, Jumbo, Alt Option Series)

Email Body:

  • Client Name
  • AE
  • Property Type
  • Program (if known)
  • Borrower(s)’ Last Name
  • Your Question

3. Chat Online. (Click on the “CHAT” link next to Scenario Desk.)

Learn more about On Demand Processing, the scenario desk, and more at or contact us.

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