Spring Projects to Add Value to Your Home

May 19, 2017

Spring is in the air! The weather is warming up in many parts of the US and flowers are coming into bloom. This is the time of year that many homeowners start thinking about refreshing their homes, making some changes or updates, and of course spring cleaning.

Work on your home can make it more enjoyable for you and your household, but it can also have the added benefit of adding value to the property. Here are some ideas for spring projects to consider:


After a long winter outdoor areas often need some attention. Yards, gardens, flower beds, and patios are key places to focus on, and can provide extra incentive to enjoy that great spring weather.

  • Reseed or re-sod thin areas of the lawn. Consider feeding or fertilizing the grass as well.
  • Clean up trees and bushes. Talk to an expert at your local nursery or garden center about how and when to prune or trim your specific varieties.
  • Add mulch to border areas. This improves the look and helps keep weeds from growing, saving you work later on.
  • Power wash the deck or patio, removing the dirt that has likely accumulated during the winter.
  • Add some color. Plant some flowers in garden beds or containers.
  • Plant a kitchen garden. It could be as simple as a few small containers near the back door, a large sprawling garden, or a couple of raised beds, but there is something so satisfying about stepping outside to clip a few herbs or pick a tomato for dinner. New to gardening? Start with small plants rather than seeds to increase your chances of success. Locate the garden in an area you see every day to help you remember to water and weed as needed.

Fresh Paint

Ready for a change but don’t want to completely redecorate or undertake a major renovation? Painting the walls in a room can make a big impact. A light color such as a warm white can make your home feel bigger and more open, and coordinates well with many different styles of furniture and décor.

Here are some tips for updating your home with paint:

  • Carefully consider your color choice. When you go to the trouble to repaint a room or area in your home, you want to make sure you will enjoy the final results. A color can look very different on your walls than it does on the swatch at the paint or home improvement store. You may want to get small samples of your favorites and paint small sections of the wall to get a feel for how it will really look. Observe it at different times of day and in different lights.
  • Prep the area. Protect floors and furniture with drop cloths, paper, or old sheets. If you have a hard time getting a clean line against trim or the ceiling you may want to tape off those edges. Clean walls and trim before painting. Keep pets out of the area until paint is dry.
  • Use quality materials. If you invest in nicer paint and brushes it will improve the finished product and allow your paint job to last longer as well.

Bathroom Update

Bathrooms can be great candidates for a quick update that can change the look of the room without a large scale project. Here are a few ideas for giving a dated bathroom new life:

  • Change the paint color on the wall.
  • Swap out light fixtures for new, updated ones. Keep in mind that it is helpful to have a lot of light in the bathroom, especially since these rooms tend to not have a great deal of natural light from windows.
  • Replace sink and cabinets. Free standing units can make this is a simple switch.
  • Unless you have experience in these areas it is generally a good idea to hire a professional for any electrical or plumbing work.

Even small updates can make a big impact, and leave you feeling excited about your home again. Happy spring!

Photography by [Stock-Asso] © shutterstock.com

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