Meet the ODP Team – Frank Pidoto, Production Manager

June 9, 2016

We’d like to introduce you to another member of the On-Demand Processing team. With ODP we handle the processing, underwriting, closing, and funding of the loans, and the success of this program is largely due to the top notch people doing great work each and every day.

Frank Pidoto is a Production Manager of Wholesale Operations on the Blue Team. Our support personnel are split into Red, White, and Blue teams, to allow our clients to work more closely with and build relationships with their designated team.

Frank works with the Account Managers and also directly with their clients. He seeks to find out what their goals are and how he can support them in reaching them.

He believes strongly in the On-Demand Processing program and highlights its flexibility among the most important benefits. It’s a simple way to add processing capacity, and allows clients to easily branch out and offer new programs. He has many clients that choose to send the most time consuming loans through ODP, 203k Renovation loans for example, to keep their pipeline moving.

“On-Demand Processing allows us to give our clients the ability to do what they want, and provide a wide range of options, with the highest level of support,” says Frank.

Frank feels very fortunate to work with AFR, with such a great team of people. He cites the truly open door policy of upper management all the way to the owners of the company, that each employee receives a great deal of support from day one, and top notch training as keys to the organization’s success.

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