Best Practices When Registering a Loan With AFR

February 2, 2016

At AFR, we leverage industry leading technology to automate parts of the mortgage process when possible, as well as using experienced and knowledgeable professionals when a human touch is needed. Use of the Loan Center allows you to quickly, easily, and efficiently register a new loan within our system. Here are a few tips for setting up your loan for success from the start.

Attend a Training Session
We offer live webinars on the Loan Center for our clients often – this training will give you a thorough overview of the platform and how to make the best use of it to do the following:

  • Register new loans
  • Price Loans
  • Lock Loans
  • Upload new loan submission/closing package/conditions
  • View/download loan approvals
  • Manage documents through the Document Portal
  • Use the Appraisal Portal
  • Create a new appraisal order
  • Manage appraisal orders

Submit Thorough and Accurate Data
It’s the small errors that often turn into large issues down the road and potentially delays which can be frustrating and even costly for all parties involved. Take the time for a second look to be sure that everything checks out before completing the registration.

Don’t Forget That We Are Here to Help!
From the Scenario Desk to your Account Executive to your assigned Support Team to our Loan Center Technical Support Group, we are at your disposal and happy to assist in any way possible!

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