Benefits of a Summertime Renovation

July 20, 2017

Benefits of a Summertime Renovation
Thinking of summer may bring to mind baseball games and backyard cookouts, trips to the beach or the lake, and catching fireflies as the sun sets. Replacing a roof, renovating a kitchen, or installing new flooring might not be as closely associated with the year’s hotter months, but summer can be an excellent time to take on home renovations.

For clients that may be planning to take advantage of renovation home financing, here are a few benefits of tackling home improvement projects during the summertime:

The warmer temperatures and milder weather in much of the country means it’s less likely for the project to be held up. Of course it’s possible that in some places it can get TOO hot for work to effectively take place outdoors, particularly in the hottest part of the day, and rain can still be an occasional issue, but it’s much less likely for weather to interfere when there are no winter storms to contend with.

Time Away
During a large scale renovation it can be tough to occupy the home at the same time the work is being done. Sharing living space with a steady stream of contractors can feel invasive to the homeowner, and those responsible for getting the job done may find it inefficient to have to work around a full household. If the bulk of the work can be planned for when the homeowners will be away on vacation this can make it easier on everyone.

Far From The Holidays
One of the most stressful times of year for contractors is around the winter holidays. As Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and other major events approach, homeowners often decide they want to make improvements. They want the new kitchen ready before they cook the holiday meal, or the guest room updated before the onslaught of family arrives. Inevitably things get behind schedule as delays occur due to winter weather, employees taking vacation time, and a full schedule of timely projects, potentially leading to holidays celebrated in a construction zone.

Kick off the project in July or August and don’t worry about bumping up against those holiday deadlines.

Enjoy the Improvements
Life tends to slow down in the summer months. Kids are off from school, the days are longer, and there is time to linger in a hammock with a good book, or catch up with friends over a few cups of coffee.

When home renovations are completed in the summertime homeowners often have more time to make the most of their improved space. Host a barbeque on the new deck, sleep in and read the paper in an updated master bedroom, or have a family game night in the newly finished basement.

Whatever time of year the home improvements take place, a renovation loan can be an excellent way to finance the cost of repairs and upgrades. Available for both purchase and refinance transactions, these mortgage programs allow the renovation expenses to be financed into a first mortgage loan. For VA eligible borrowers there is even a VA Renovation Loan with zero down payment requirement. This program is intended for minor updates that do not exceed $35,000 and do not involve structural work.

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