Time to Teach

October 5, 2021

Considering the spotlight cast on a thriving housing market during the pandemic, it is now time to teach a new contingent of mortgage professionals that this is an exciting and viable career option.


Fortunately, resources are expanding to do just that! Some mortgage companies are prioritizing education like never before, and organizations throughout the industry have begun offering programs to develop leaders and train new mortgage professionals.


At AFR, we offer a certification program for our lending partners. Once certified in programs like Manufactured Housing or VA Renovation, brokers can be listed as an AFR “Certified Partner” in a searchable online database which allows clients, builders, and realtors to easily find a local certified expert for a specific loan program. We also produce a monthly “In the House” educational series, during which attendees can join AFR experts and invited guests in a live Q&A on various loan programs.


To learn more about educational resources throughout the industry, check out this article in the current issue of Scotsman Guide from AFR President Laura Brandao: https://www.scotsmanguide.com/browse/content/the-time-to-teach-has-arrived.


Photography by [Rawpixel.com] © Shutterstock.com