AFR Announces Expanded Technology Offering

June 25, 2018

AFR Brokers to Receive Alerts for “For Sale” Property Listings

Continuing the company’s legacy of identifying and investing in innovative programs to help power the business of mortgage loan origination, American Financial Resources, Inc. (AFR) announces that it has completed a pilot and will now be providing its broker network with notification when a house for which AFR owns the servicing is listed for sale. This will enable AFR’s broker partners an opportunity to reconnect with the homeowner and, ideally, assist with their next mortgage, on both the relisted property as well as the borrower’s next home.

“Our organization was created to be a champion for independent mortgage professionals, and we serve our members by providing tools and resources to propel their success in the mortgage market,” explains Anthony Casa, founder and chairman of the Association of Independent Mortgage Experts (AIME). “Considering the supportive, high-touch relationships that AFR has with brokers, they appeared to be a perfect fit for a property notification program.”

“We value hard-working mortgage brokers and are constantly sourcing additional resources to support them. We want them to focus on what they do best, finding the best loan options for a family and helping them achieve their homeownership dreams,” said Bill Packer, executive vice president, American Financial Resources, Inc. (AFR). “We were excited when AIME approached us with the idea to alert brokers when a house goes back on the market. A home purchase is such a personal experience, the new notification capability makes great sense since the broker already has familiarity with the local market, the property and the homeowner.”